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The Pearce brothers, James and Gordon, live on a small farm in Southern Nash County near Bailey, North Carolina. There, they manufacture their pecan processing machinery where they both fabricate, paint, design, and sell their products. They have over 25 years combined experience and enjoy living in the country. There’s been many crops grown on their farm over the years like soybeans, sweet potatoes, cotton, corn, tobacco and of course, pecans, which got them in the manufacturing business. This area of NC is also known for growing peanuts, which their machines can also process. They both take great pride in their work and aim to please their customers.
Our First Machine


Gordon: Hello, I’m Gordon and my job at Pearce Brothers is customer service. I’m the one you talk to for a quote and shipping on your machine. Upon receiving your order, I start cutting metal.

James: Hello, I’m James and I keep the shelves stocked to get your machine to you faster. After Gordon cuts all the metal, I start framing and welding things up.

Gordon: After James welds the basic framing, I weld the actual cracking chamber of the machine.

James: When Gordon has finished the actual cracking chamber, I perform the final framing assembly.

Gordon: After James has finished the final framing assembly, I start painting.

James: After the paint dries we both work together on final assembly and delivery of your machine. Put us to work for you today!

First Generation Crackers Ready For Shipping (2008 – 2016)

11813 Liles Road, Bailey, NC 27807

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